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Would You Like To Put Traffic Armageddon on Steroids? 
Our No.1 Automation Secret That Turns Traffic into Cash Converting Buyers.
Make 100% PASSIVE Profits From All Your Traffic Without Lifting A Finger
Monetize Your Traffic Hands-Free In Less Than 47 Seconds
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Instantly With Zero Extra Effort Or Cost
Congratulations on taking an amazing step towards your online success!

Jasdeep here to personally welcome you to Traffic Armageddon.

You’re going to LOVE how this cutting-edge system gets you targeted traffic, fast.

Here’s a pro tip to leverage this traffic powerhouse for the highest possible profits:
Never Wait To Monetize Your Traffic
Marketers of all levels make the mistake of waiting too long to monetize their traffic.

I tell my top-paying clients all the time …
Every time you wait, you’re leaving $$$ on the table.

Traffic Armageddon is fantastic for getting you traffic & leads …

But how you monetize that traffic is the key to your results.

How do I do this for my top-paying clients?

With custom promo emails that automatically turn new leads into commissions.
But …
What If You’re Not An Expert Email Copywriter?
Most people aren’t.

That’s why the pros can charge between $75 and $350 PER email.

So if you wanted needed 4 weeks of emails …

(A standard series to maximize profits from new leads) …

You’d have to pay between $2,250 and $10,500 ... YES I actually know people that pay that much !!!

Well as a brand new Traffic Armageddon customer …

Your profits are my #1 priority …

So I’m going to take care of you with:
DFY Accelerator
30 Top-Converting Emails For You To “Plug In & Profit”
These aren’t cookie-cutter emails you’ll find anywhere else.
Each one has been personally created by me …

Then optimized and PERFECTED from hard data based on sending to tens of thousands of leads.

In my business I write emails every day for client campaigns.

Emails designed to do just one thing: generate commissions.

And because I’m paid on performance …

These promo emails are like money-printing machines.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

YOU NEED FOR Jaw-Dropping Success

30 Ultra-High Converting Plug 
& Play Emails

Just copy & paste these into your email service to fully-automate your commissions from ALL your new leads.

It doesn’t get any easier to monetize your traffic early AND often!

Unlimited Versatility To Maximize Your Profits

These custom emails use the latest conversion triggers to practically force your leads to take action …

And they’re so versatile you can use them to promote ANY offer you want!

Simply add in your promo link and that’s all it takes.

So you can maximize profits by promoting offers that are the best fit for your traffic!

Proven To Put $$$ In Your Pocket

Every one of these emails has been tested on EVERY variable on THOUSANDS of subscribers.

They’re optimized to get you the highest possible open rates, click rates & actual profits!

My 6 & 7 figure clients were the “testers” … now you get the rewards!

Skyrocket Your Income 
For Zero Extra Effort

These 30 emails are more than enough to take your results to the next level:
  • They’ll keep making you money on autopilot from all your new leads
  • PLUS … It’s simple to mix & match them to send certain swipes to targeted leads when you segment your list (super easy) That’s where the conversions go nuclear!
  • Because these are 100% automated, it’s set & forget easy to make commissions over …  and over … and over!

Perpetual Profits That Grow 
Over Time

The math’s simple here:

With these emails, the more traffic you get, the more money you make.
You’re Already Getting Started On The Traffic
Now Let’s Turn It Into Profits
Whatever you do, PLEASE don’t let your traffic investment go to waste, okay?

I see it all the time … from customers that pay good money for traffic, but don’t monetize it properly.

That’s why I’m giving you access to my closely-guarded PERSONAL swipe file.

30 of the highest-converting emails I’ve ever created, to put as much money as possible in your pocket.

The actual real-world value of these is well over $8,000.

They can make you MANY, MANY times more than that.

As a new Traffic Armageddon customer, you get EVERY ONE of them for a shockingly low, one-time fee.
Wishing you the very best of success.
I’d be honoured to help in any way I can.
Philip Johansen
Jasdeep Singh
Dan Khan
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